Fiber editing

Knitting and crochet are each a domestic art and a mathematical skill. Our familiarity with both these aspects qualifies us to do both copyediting and technical editing of fiber crafting patterns.

When we copyedit knitting patterns, we pay close attention to the words, making sure that the instructions make sense, every notion listed is used, and everything is included, that socks have heels and mittens have thumbs, and spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage are all consistent and correct—just as we would edit any scientific procedure or kitchen recipe.

When we do a technical edit, we are more concerned with the numbers: Do the number of stitches and the gauge combine to match the finished measurements, as reflected in both the written pattern and the schematic? Does the stitch count at each step match any shaping that happened? Does the gauge seem likely, given the yarn and needle size? Does the stitch count mesh with any stitch pattern used? Do the charts match the written instructions? Does everything hold true in each size of the pattern?

We can also provide layout services if you plan to self-publish your patterns for sale on Ravelry or elsewhere.

Depending on the project, we may be able to offer test-knitting or test-crochet services as well. But remember that testing is not a replacement for either copyediting or tech editing your pattern!

Contact us about your knitting or crochet project.