Scientific editing

The culmination of your research project comes when you reveal your results to the public. Whether you’re sending a paper to a journal, presenting a talk or poster at a conference, or even writing a book, this is your moment to shine! Let us help you tell your story. We can assist with all phases of preparing your research presentation, regardless of its eventual delivery method or your native language.

If you are writing a paper, we can start with your first draft, working with you to organize your thoughts into a coherent account of your research, clarify your experimental procedures, and elucidate your conclusions. We can also confirm that your references are complete and properly formatted. We are experts in producing graphs, charts, equations, and other pictorial representations of data that really are worth a thousand words. Our mastery of language means that reviewers will not be distracted by errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, or consistency, so they will view your paper in the best possible light.

If you plan to present a talk or poster, everything involved in writing a paper still applies. But in addition, we can help you create the presentation, so it looks consistent from the beginning to the end and fits the time or space allotted to you. We ensure that your presentation looks as professional as you are.

Writing a book includes elements of both papers and presentations, but on a larger scale. Whether you are writing for an audience of scientists or the general public, we can help with all phases of the book-writing process, from making an outline to preparing a press-ready or camera-ready file.

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